Our Core Values


We assume personal responsibility for ambitious outputs that support our mission and serve families. We use results as self-reflective tools for our improvement, and we ground our performance and decision-making in data. We eliminate barriers that get in the way of operating simply, quickly, and effectively. Excellence is always the goal, and good is the enemy of great.


We assume the best in people and focus on what we can do to honor and support them. We treat our students, families, staff, and all external parties with esteem and understanding. We express gratitude and appreciation.

Follow Through

We do what we say we’ll do. We communicate relevant information as far in advance as possible, maximizing transparency, clarity, and candor. We are specific about plans to fulfill responsibilities and promises, we communicate the completion of tasks, and we own mistakes when we make them.

Diversity of Perspective

We value diversity in our people as an essential part of accomplishing our mission and inspiring innovation. We seek input from others and welcome a variety of perspectives to arrive at the right outcome. We make people feel included and reach out to bring others in. We share ideas freely, and we are paid in part for our opinions.

Humility and Self-Awareness

We assume we can be better and put aside ego for the sake of improvement. We treat our work as a continual study in our own reinvention. We willingly reflect on our practice, seek accountability, and reject entitlement. Our fun is about laughing at our experiences and ourselves. We find strength in vulnerability, and we fail well.