The Noble Way - November 2012

Feature story:

All Nine Noble Campuses Rank within the Top Ten Highest ACT Performers in Chicago.

For the fourth year in a row, all Noble campuses with junior classes have again ranked among Chicago's highest performing open-enrollment schools for 2012 ACT results.  Not only did all Noble campuses taking the ACT make the top ten ranking, but they surpassed 102 open-enrollment high schools in Chicago and rose Noble's average ACT score to a 20.7.

New to the ranking this year are Muchin College Prep and Chicago Bulls College Prep whose students both put up strong scores of 20.8 in their first year taking the ACT. This is a testament to the hard work of our students and teachers as they strive to reach and surpass the high goals they set. Our ACT scores have been on the rise since 2006 and as more Noble schools take the ACT each year and subsequently rank among the highest ACT performers within the City of Chicago, we are proving that Noble continues to get results as we offer more seats to Chicago's families.

Student Feature: Meet La'Nija

La’Nija is a member of DRW Trading College Prep's first class. She is from Humboldt Park and picked DRW because she wanted to be prepared for college when she graduates as a member of the Class of 2016. She is part of DRW's drama program and was chosen to read a Maya Angelou poem in front of 300 guests and classmates at the campuses' Grand Opening in October.

La’Nija is extremely talented and works hard at maintaining her GPA. “My favorite part of school is being called a 'Scholar' I love how the principal and teachers call us Scholars. It’s a motivation to keep me going and because I am a scholar I have to act like one. My favorite subject is Algebra and I love the appearance of the school. I love getting here early in the morning to start my day right."

Grand Opening of Noble's DRW Trading College Prep

On October 5th, 100 Noble supporters joined the inaugural class of DRW Trading College Prep to celebrate the school's Grand Opening in the North Lawndale community. The  celebration included student performances and featured the Founder and CEO of DRW Trading Group, Don Wilson whose investment in the new campus will provide a high quality education to 800 students annually when the campus is fully enrolled. The Grand Opening celebration also included words from  Superintendent and CEO of Noble, Michael Milkie, and Founding Principal of DRW Trading College Prep, Matt Kelley. DRW Trading College Prep will continue Noble's rigorous academic program and will  incorporate a blended learning model, allowing students to further differentiate their education through the use of high quality digital content.  The partnership with DRW Trading Group goes well beyond financial – DRW employees are coaching athletic teams, mentoring and tutoring students, and will provide career exposure to the financial industry. Visit DRW Trading College Prep's website to learn more.

Vega Named People's Teacher of the Year

Robert Vega, Rauner College Prep's dedicated music teacher and band director has been named as People Magazine's Teacher of the Year. Mr. Vega has been teaching at Rauner since 2008 after returning to Chicago with a desire to teach music to students much like himself.

Mr. Vega grew up in Humboldt Park and developed a love of music at an early age. Realizing the value music programs bring to his students, he returned to Chicago to expose students in low-income communities to music and share his passion. He not only teaches four music classes a day for over 300 students, but also serves as the campus' Band Director and takes his students to compete and perform around the nation.  “I think it’s an absolute honor to be selected as People magazine’s teacher of the year, but on top of it they selected a music teacher" says Vega. We are proud of Mr. Vega's accomplishments and the fortunate that our students can have such a fantastic role model in their lives. See Mr. Vega in People Magazine.

Hundreds Voice Support for Noble

800 Noble parents, students, teachers, alumni and staff attended the Parent Voice for School Choice Charter Rally in October. Support for Noble at the rally was overwhelming as bus load after bus load of parents and supporters from acoss our 12 campuses arrived at the UIC Pavilion. Our parents' desire to give more families a chance to "Be Noble" and access a high quality education for their children was felt by all.