Enrollment FAQ's

Frequently Asked Questions

About Noble

Where are your campuses located?
  • Noble has a total of 17 campuses throughout the city. Please click on the "Campuses" link above to see a map of these locations.
What are the requirements for admission to the Noble campuses?
  • Students must successfully pass 8th grade and be a resident in the city of Chicago to be eligible for admission to any Noble high school campus.
Will my child’s test scores be considered during the admission process?
  • No. Student test scores, grades, or special needs are not used in any way as part of the admissions process or lottery.
Do you provide transportation for students?
  • No. Students are responsible for their own transportation to and from school. Most of our students use public transportation.
Do you charge tuition?
  • No. The Noble campuses are tuition-free. Each campus charges a student fee paid annually.
Do you offer Shadow Days for prospective students?
  • This varies by campus but most campuses do provide opportunities for students to learn more about the school. Individuals should contact the school directly to learn more and schedule a visit. 
Do you have Honors/AP classes?
  • Yes. The Noble campuses offer a variety of Honors and Advanced Placement courses in addition to the Early College Scholars Program.
If my child is currently on a waitlist, how will I know when admission will be offered?
  • Based on your child’s waitlist number, parents/guardians will be notified by phone or mail if spaces become available. It is extremely important to keep us updated when you move or change your phone number. If a seat opens up and the student is pulled from the waitlist, we would like to contact you immediately without any trouble. If we cannot reach you, we must take the next student on the waitlist.

About the Application Process

How do I obtain an application?
  • Individuals are encouraged to apply online at https://noble.schoolmint.net/signup. Paper applications are available by request. To request a paper application or to apply over the phone call the Enrollment Office at 773-278-6895.  
Do I have to submit an application for each Noble campus?
  • No, all Noble campuses use a common application. Simply select the campuses for which you’d like to apply. You may apply to as many campuses as you prefer. 
How do I submit my application?
  • For faster processing and to ensure delivery, we recommend individuals apply online. If you are using a paper application, we encourage you to submit your application personally at one of our campuses. You may also mail your application, however please call the Enrollment Office at 773-278-6895 to confirm that it was received. 

Do I have to submit an application if I have a sibling enrolled at a Noble campus?
  • Yes. All students interested in enrolling at a Noble campus must submit a complete application by the deadline provided. Confirmed siblings will only be automatically accepted at the campus their sibling is currently enrolled at.
How will students be selected for admission?
  • Students are accepted by a random lottery.  Student test scores, grades, or special needs are not used in any way as part of the admissions process or lottery.
How will I find out if I got accepted?
  • All students who applied by the December deadline, will receive an initial notification letter in January confirming applications. All applicants (regardless of when they applied), will also receive a separate letter in early February informing them of their admissions status for each campus – including the results of any lotteries (if applicable). 
What if my child is not selected in the lottery?
  • If your child is not selected for admission, then your child will be placed on a waitlist. You will be notified what number your child is on the waitlist in the mailing sent in February. We also encourage individuals to apply to other Noble campuses in order to have as many options available. All of our schools provide a well-rounded and top quality education. 
If my child is selected for admission, is he or she automatically enrolled?
  • No, if your child is selected for admission, you will also need to complete and return a signed Noble Network Reply Form in order to secure your spot. 
Can students apply if they currently live outside of Chicago but plan on moving to the city by the time the school year starts?
  • Yes. If a student is accepted, we will request that 2 proofs of addresses be submitted in order to continue with the enrollment process. Proof of address must show that the student lives in Chicago with their legal guardian.